Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring is out and here comes the summer

Do people do everything just for a mere good? May be YES but could be NO too, as coin has two sides. Life isn't as easy as we think. LIfe is really an experience of struggle, pain, agony, rebuke and of all KHORWA. However, we must not resign at this juncture, rather we must try and fight against this life and world with determination and faith. As said,"Birth itself is the beginning of death", my life was full of happiness and felt as if i am flying but those moments were short lasting. That happiness, that pleasure and that wings which i felt i have didn't last for long. My beloved father whom we really loved  left us all alone a sudden day not knowing where to head and what to do next. Now, my small family living in a bistro were left with sadness and sorrow. Spring season was out for us and summer came in our life. Those moments of flowery words and actions vanished away and we had to experience thundering and lightening moments with my only mother....
Please never let other people have this kind of experience which is really out go imagination..lets pray for all our parents..love you mother.

Father of my life.

dad where are you?
Often this question runs through my mind.
Remembering about you day and night
Just makes me gloom and
Internally i am trying hard to be thrill.

Can't forget your love and care
Heartbroken we the children and mother.
Internal you have left us and
Zilch is beautiful in the absence of you
Ocean full of tears in our eyes.
Merry is something that has been vanished from our life....
Love you dad and missing you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who am I?

Knowing who I am and where am I heading for isn’t a tough decision for oneself. You simply have to mark your actions as your actions are the main way through which you can head forward or step behind. Now, according to my actions, the question” who am I?” seems so simple because my present world is filled with studies and experiments of journalism which is a kind of my good actions, mainly due to the works I do related to journalists and obviously the media. In short I am a photojournalist in making but I am not on a right track though, so I am trying to follow the tracks each and every day of my life. On the other hand what the hell am I doing here? The answer that directly comes to mind is, my faith. My faith has brought me here just because I am supposed to be one of the journalists I guess. So, I too fully support it because that is what I am really interested in. Nevertheless, all these aspirations and that dream of becoming a photojournalist are my north star.  Once I grasp it, I will handle it in a such a way that, I won’t have a time to cry over a spilt milk, meaning I will make sure I won’t regret for my decision and of course  my north star.

Dorji wangchuk

Dzongkha media

2nd semester