Tuesday, June 3, 2014

beautiful in sherubtse.

even an animal knows how to warm themselves during the cold...one amazing thing in sherubtse.

Monday, June 2, 2014

To my Ama...dearest mother.

For my Ama….Dearest mother!!!
You are the only one who brought light in me and showed me this world, who taught me to stand on my feet.
You are the only one who gave me the strength and support and showed me the right track when things went wrong.
You gave me love and care which built confidence in me to face any kind of problem that came on my way.
I will always be there for you mother, to share your joy and pain until the end of time.
I have acquired knowledge, now I do understand the secrets of the mysterious world. I can move the world but without my mother’s love, I am a useless stuff….my mother is my world…I love you mother…always…J

To someone, somewhere special to me.

To someone, somewhere special to me!!!!!!
She walked into my life…
And moved my soul to dance.
She awakened me to a new understanding of life,
And made the sky and surrounding beautiful to gaze upon.
But fate raised my bar
And made our distances apart
But deep inside, I realized that
I have some part left in my heart for her.
I treasure you as my most special one in my life.
I love you my dear sister and missing you a lot.

value of friendship.

Limited are we but never knows the value of sun setting when we are together, as our friendship isn’t about whom we knew the longest but it’s about  who came and never left each other’s side…J

what is religion??

What is religion?????
What is the purpose of going to visit the relics and lhakhangs if one cannot even be good with one’s own friends and neighbor?
Religion needs to be a reality that we practice every day. We need to practice what we do in every small step in our lives. Religion is not only about offering butter lamps and holy water; it’s not only about chanting mantras and circumumbulating chortens. It is about respecting one’s family and friends. It is all about being helpful to one another in times of need. It is about living one’s life to the fullest. It is also about being compassionate to animals. It is about giving charity to the poor. It is also about loving one’s friend, one’s family and one’s neighbor. It is about respecting and understanding others.
“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”, as quoted by Dalai Lama. People do take their religion seriously but they tend to forget the small things in life. They forget that being nice to stranger is also a part of religion. It is high time we keep that in our mind and lend each other’s hand. At the end, we can see that all it takes is a small kindness to get everything into place.

our dreams and our culture.

Our dreams and our culture are our own and only we can know the effort required to keep them alive. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Annoyed with the sneezing of your friend???

Annoyed with the sneezing of your friend???
Punch them if you are annoyed, so as to stop them. 

winter of 1999

Winter of that year,
Marker as the days of mystery
When the sun kissed the horizon
When the blanked of dust covered the sun
There was a call in the room
Incredible news came and widened my eyes
Losing the sense from my body
The pearl of tears streamed from my cheek
Reaching in Paro hospital
The promise of life became my home
There, my father lay down with his last few days
Green man came and rushed him to operate theater
Every day at nine white men came and went
Room polluted with noise and screams
Verities smell hanging in the air
Making my appetite worse than any other
Chasing away the sleep from me
Sitting beside my father
The hours crawled like years
Night never came and days never went
For me, day was night and night was day
And I marked it as memory in my life.


words of wisdom

Be happy with what you have”
Life is uncertain.
Everybody knows it,
But only few realize it.
While having the fruit of uncertainties,
Get hold of it because
It is an opportunity, so grab it.
It is the charm of delighters, feel it.
It is a challenge with obstacles, face it,
 A life with challenges makes a man strong.
It’s the only chance to make an efficient use of it.
It is meaningful if you mean it without being in dilemma,
It is to know tenderness and love
So, bear no hatred to others as,
Life is the action of today,
Creator of tomorrow, role of past and reaction of our deeds.
Education is like the glitters on earth, like light in the darkness,
Which  floats with the prayers along and
Splitting through the rays of light with no limitless.
Good deeds of today are the sweet memories of tomorrow.
Be the one who you are, not the one who you are not.
Days go on with new lessons, lessons with new missions,
Linked with days sessions
Developing patience means developing the will towards eternal.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring is out and here comes the summer

Do people do everything just for a mere good? May be YES but could be NO too, as coin has two sides. Life isn't as easy as we think. LIfe is really an experience of struggle, pain, agony, rebuke and of all KHORWA. However, we must not resign at this juncture, rather we must try and fight against this life and world with determination and faith. As said,"Birth itself is the beginning of death", my life was full of happiness and felt as if i am flying but those moments were short lasting. That happiness, that pleasure and that wings which i felt i have didn't last for long. My beloved father whom we really loved  left us all alone a sudden day not knowing where to head and what to do next. Now, my small family living in a bistro were left with sadness and sorrow. Spring season was out for us and summer came in our life. Those moments of flowery words and actions vanished away and we had to experience thundering and lightening moments with my only mother....
Please never let other people have this kind of experience which is really out go imagination..lets pray for all our parents..love you mother.

Father of my life.

dad where are you?
Often this question runs through my mind.
Remembering about you day and night
Just makes me gloom and
Internally i am trying hard to be thrill.

Can't forget your love and care
Heartbroken we the children and mother.
Internal you have left us and
Zilch is beautiful in the absence of you
Ocean full of tears in our eyes.
Merry is something that has been vanished from our life....
Love you dad and missing you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who am I?

Knowing who I am and where am I heading for isn’t a tough decision for oneself. You simply have to mark your actions as your actions are the main way through which you can head forward or step behind. Now, according to my actions, the question” who am I?” seems so simple because my present world is filled with studies and experiments of journalism which is a kind of my good actions, mainly due to the works I do related to journalists and obviously the media. In short I am a photojournalist in making but I am not on a right track though, so I am trying to follow the tracks each and every day of my life. On the other hand what the hell am I doing here? The answer that directly comes to mind is, my faith. My faith has brought me here just because I am supposed to be one of the journalists I guess. So, I too fully support it because that is what I am really interested in. Nevertheless, all these aspirations and that dream of becoming a photojournalist are my north star.  Once I grasp it, I will handle it in a such a way that, I won’t have a time to cry over a spilt milk, meaning I will make sure I won’t regret for my decision and of course  my north star.

Dorji wangchuk

Dzongkha media

2nd semester