Monday, June 2, 2014

winter of 1999

Winter of that year,
Marker as the days of mystery
When the sun kissed the horizon
When the blanked of dust covered the sun
There was a call in the room
Incredible news came and widened my eyes
Losing the sense from my body
The pearl of tears streamed from my cheek
Reaching in Paro hospital
The promise of life became my home
There, my father lay down with his last few days
Green man came and rushed him to operate theater
Every day at nine white men came and went
Room polluted with noise and screams
Verities smell hanging in the air
Making my appetite worse than any other
Chasing away the sleep from me
Sitting beside my father
The hours crawled like years
Night never came and days never went
For me, day was night and night was day
And I marked it as memory in my life.


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