Monday, June 2, 2014

what is religion??

What is religion?????
What is the purpose of going to visit the relics and lhakhangs if one cannot even be good with one’s own friends and neighbor?
Religion needs to be a reality that we practice every day. We need to practice what we do in every small step in our lives. Religion is not only about offering butter lamps and holy water; it’s not only about chanting mantras and circumumbulating chortens. It is about respecting one’s family and friends. It is all about being helpful to one another in times of need. It is about living one’s life to the fullest. It is also about being compassionate to animals. It is about giving charity to the poor. It is also about loving one’s friend, one’s family and one’s neighbor. It is about respecting and understanding others.
“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”, as quoted by Dalai Lama. People do take their religion seriously but they tend to forget the small things in life. They forget that being nice to stranger is also a part of religion. It is high time we keep that in our mind and lend each other’s hand. At the end, we can see that all it takes is a small kindness to get everything into place.

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