Monday, June 2, 2014

words of wisdom

Be happy with what you have”
Life is uncertain.
Everybody knows it,
But only few realize it.
While having the fruit of uncertainties,
Get hold of it because
It is an opportunity, so grab it.
It is the charm of delighters, feel it.
It is a challenge with obstacles, face it,
 A life with challenges makes a man strong.
It’s the only chance to make an efficient use of it.
It is meaningful if you mean it without being in dilemma,
It is to know tenderness and love
So, bear no hatred to others as,
Life is the action of today,
Creator of tomorrow, role of past and reaction of our deeds.
Education is like the glitters on earth, like light in the darkness,
Which  floats with the prayers along and
Splitting through the rays of light with no limitless.
Good deeds of today are the sweet memories of tomorrow.
Be the one who you are, not the one who you are not.
Days go on with new lessons, lessons with new missions,
Linked with days sessions
Developing patience means developing the will towards eternal.

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